Personal assistance for Safe Sustainable Conscious driving

NEXTdriver is a professional driving behaviour coach for transport companies. Whether it’s long-haul, city delivery, or dedicated routes, structural driver coaching improves everyone’s experience.

Save up to 10% on fuel consumption and realise up to 47% to damage reduction through driving behaviour coaching.

NEXTdriver Application with the scores screen

These sustainable carriers are already using NEXTdriver

and save fuel, reduce damages and support drivers on a weekly basis
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What is NEXTdriver?

NEXTdriver is a scalable platform for effective and efficient driver coaching based on data from fleet management systems.

The toolbox supports coaches and gives fleet managers more insight into fleet and driver performance.

We also provide driving behaviour coaching for your drivers. In doing so, we work together with local specialists and partners.

NEXTdriver is an extension of on-board computer solutions and, just like the on-board computer and a TMS, an absolute must-have for efficiently steering your business processes based on objective data.

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Driver Application

NEXTdriver Application with the scores screen
Easy to understand

No messing around with detailed instructions. Install the driver application on your mobile phone and NEXTdriver does the rest for you.

Personal coach

Communicate with your personal coach about your driving and ask for help to further optimise your driving.

Informative insights

Find out how to optimise driving behaviour by viewing and understanding your scores and statistics.

Collect badges

Take up the challenge to collect all the badges and compare your performance with colleagues.
Do you drive more safely and economically than your colleagues?

Rewards for commitment*

Using the NEXTdriver rewards module, your efforts can be rewarded. Exchange your medals for discount coupons, a night out or something sweet to snack on!

This is an optional module within our NEXTdriver service, ask your direct manager for more specifics.

Portal for Coaches

Chat with drivers

The coach communicates with the driver via in-app chat or WhatsApp. This ensures that the coach can always contact a driver. You can use smart filters to see which drivers have responded.

Quick follow-up

Coaches can work up to 75% faster using templates on the NEXTdriver platform. This also ensures that positive critical language is used. As a result, the coach has more time for other tasks.

Filters, comments and groups

For effective coaching, our coaching portal includes smart filters and the ability to create internal groups for drivers. This allows for a fair comparison of locations or departments.

Detailed results

A driver's scores are visible to the coach at a glance. The statistics provide more information about the driver's trip types and driving behaviour.

Personal notes

As a coach, you can use the notes field to make notes about a driver or the coaching strategy so you don't forget or lose anything.

Straightforward fleet overview

The management portal provides managers with information about the overall progress of the driver group, the savings made, and which drivers have applied for rewards. The portal also facilitates in decision-making by focusing on relevant data.

Involve employees

Sustainability is an important part of our future. Increase drivers' commitment to your company's mission and future.

Easy adjustments

Easily add new employees to NEXTdriver yourself or remove drivers who have left.

Create groups

Sometimes you want insight into a particular group of employees, for example because you report to specific customer or have multiple locations.

Portal for Managers

NEXTdriver management portal example

And this approach works

We expect continuous improvement in driver performance by providing long-term and consistent support. You will soon have returned the subscription costs for NEXTdriver due to the positive effect on fuel costs. As a result, you will have a return on investment within one month.

Why NEXTdriver?

Sustainable driving performance

NEXTdriver motivates drivers to drive economically and optimise driving behaviour.

Drivers with driving behaviour coaching from NEXTdriver achieve savings of up to 10% on fuel consumption and emissions.

Safer on the road

Safe driving results in fewer accidents, fines, maintenance and negative publicity.

Currently, we realise up to 47% reduction in claims.

Satisfied employees

We link feedback from your drivers and reward good behaviour through rewards.

Drivers grow professionally, while management receives detailed reports on fleet savings and performance.

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Launch in 2 weeks

NEXTdriver has links with a large number of FMS providers.

This makes it possible to start consistent driver coaching in 2 weeks.

Simple integration with Fleet Management Systems

NEXTdriver integrates with several Fleet Management Systems.

Is the system you use not listed? Get in touch to find out about integration options.

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What our users say

Start saving today

Current users of NEXTdriver are already earning back their investment within one month.

95% of our customers who started with a pilot then roll out NEXTdriver to all their employees.

We are happy to introduce you to a reference client upon request. Feel free to ask us.

Want to test our platform first? Then you can experience the benefits of NEXTdriver in three months with a limited group of drivers.

NEXTdriver Toolbox

Give your own coaches the tools for effective and personalised coaching
11 per driver per month*
  • 10 drivers and more
  • Driver App
  • Management Portal
  • Coaching Portal
  • Monthly reporting
  • Log-in statuses
  • NEXTdriver Coaching**
Most popular

NEXTdriver Coaching

Effective coaching by NEXTdriver for transport companies

starting from € 18 per driver per month*
  • 20 drivers and more
  • Driver App
  • Management Portal
  • Coaching Portal
  • Monthly reporting
  • Log-in statuses
  • NEXTdriver Coaching**

Since 2015, we have been helping carriers transport goods more sustainably and safely.

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Every day, more than 3,800 drivers receive assistance on their driving behaviour through our platform.


More than 95% of transport companies that start with NEXTdriver continue to use our platform and services.