Our Team

Since 2019, NEXTdriver has grown to a team of more than 10 people and we have established multiple partnerships.

Our diverse and multidisciplinary team has more than 40 years of experience in driver behaviour and coaching.

Each employee has a unique expertise that brings us closer to our goal of making today’s traffic safer and more sustainable.

Does that sound like a match? Do you have a passion for the logistics sector? We are always looking for smart and talented people to join our mission!

A team with years of experience


Guido Sluijsmans

CEO en Co-Founder

Jasper Pauwelussen


Panos Chrysanthopoulos

Back-end Developer

Jurriaan Lijftogt

Customer Success Manager & Coach

Debbie Meerman-Prins


Hylke Martens

Marketeer & Business Developer

Khadeejath Rahila A M

Front-end Developer

Iva Surana

Data Analist

Jan Delbeek

Piet Gons Rijopleidingen

Tharusara Nugegoda

Full Stack Engineer

Our Core Values


We feel responsible to reduce emissions from the transport sector worldwide.


We make traffic safer by actively supporting our drivers based on driving behaviour data.


Making an impact together is the way forward. Together, we make the transport sector more sustainable and safer.

Quality is paramount

We are critical to ensure that we deliver a high-quality, reliable service.

At your service

We keep clients, coaches and drivers happy!

Keep on growing

We never shy away from feedback, we learn to improve our service every day.


We share what we learn and keep each other informed of challenges and milestones.

Our mission

Road freight transport is vital to our daily lives and economy.

However, the sector also causes a number of negative side effects, more than 4,000 people are killed every year in the European Union in accidents involving trucks.

Furthermore, the transport sector contributes negatively to climate change by producing more than 14% of total emissions. For us, these figures are unacceptable.

The driver plays a crucial role in sustainable and safer transport. In doing so, we support the necessary behavioural change with data and technology.

Our mission is to enable people and organisations to learn continuously. By offering valuable technology, we create an accessible and trusted environment in which we allow (logistics) organisations to flourish with coaching and reporting.

Our partners

Become a NEXTdriver partner and join our mission to make traffic safer and more sustainable.

Are you interested in partnership opportunities with NEXTdriver or are you one of the partners below?

Feel free to contact us.

Coaching partners

To achieve our mission and deliver personalised service, we partner with local coaches, experts on transport, driver coaching, driver behaviour and education.

With these partners, we also take the craft of coaching to the next level.

Research partners

To demonstrate that NEXTdriver has a positive impact on road traffic and the environment, we cooperate with leading research institutes and governments in the Netherlands. With our research partners, we continue to develop our services to improve road safety, sustainability and driver working conditions.

TU Delft, the University of Groningen and TLN are project partners in the scientific research project ‘Safe traffic through data-driven research’.

Other partners

To maximise NEXTdriver’s impact, we partner with insurance companies, intermediaries and other organisations focused on the transport sector. 

Together, we help make the sector more sustainable.


Customer Support Debbie

Do you have any questions about NEXTdriver?

Or would you like to know more about driving behaviour coaching options?

Feel free to ask Debbie your questions via the contact form. She will make sure your question gets to the right place.

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