Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? We have listed some frequently asked questions.

General questions

Why should I use NEXTdriver?

Be safer, cleaner and more professional on the road.

As a driver, you are often on the road, as driving is the most important activity of your working day.

While driving, you are constantly occupied with various aspects. Think for instance about traffic rules, other road users, your speed, navigating to your destination.

The way you drive is a major concern, for your employer and for yourself. Your driving style has a major impact on road safety, damages, maintenance, insurance costs, vehicle depreciation, the environment and fuel consumption.

But also on image and professionalism - the logo is often big on the car - and on the workload you may experience. With a professional driver comes professional driving behaviour. NEXTdriver translates the objective data from the on-board computer in the truck into information and feedback to improve your driving behaviour.

How can I download the app?

Search for NEXTdriver within the IOS App store or Google Play store.

If you download the app while connected to a WiFi network, no mobile data will be consumed.

Having trouble installing the NEXTdriver app? Feel free to contact us.

Does the app use a lot of mobile data?

No, less than 1 MB per month

Once a week, we collect the weekly scores from the on-board computer supplier. The app receives the recent scores weekly and regularly you receive a message from our coach or an occasional notification.

It only involves text and thus the app only consumes a small amount of data.

If desired, it is also possible to use the app only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

I forgot my password

It is possible to regain access to your account.

In the app, go to the login screen for 'Mail address and password', and tap 'Lost password'.

Select whether you want to receive a new password via email or SMS.

Is password recovery not working? Contact your manager, who can also recover your password.


Does weather affect my scores?

Weather conditions translate significantly into different behavior. When it's slippery or foggy, speeds go down and our driving behavior scores loosen up. This does not apply to all weather conditions, but you may wonder whether you need to adjust the scores if it rains a bit, for example. Because we adjust the score based on distance driven and average speed, we automatically include more extreme weather conditions.

As a driver, do I have to pay for the app?

No, for drivers the app is free. You can download the app from either of the two app stores.

Make sure you spell NEXTdriver correctly, and match the logo.

In case you don't frequent the Google Play Store, we sometimes see Google asking for a payment system. As a user of the Store, you can skip this question. NEXTdriver will never ask a driver for money or payment.

Getting started

How are scores calculated?

NEXTdriver receives data from the FMS system in the vehicle like, for example, data on speed, braking and idling. Based on this data and the targets set by your employer, different scores are generated.


What does a good score consist of?

Your overall score in the app is based on various driving behaviours or indicators for the past week.

It varies from one on-board computer provider to another what exactly is measured. The main indicators we look at for road safety and fuel costs are:

Low revs and gentle accelerationSlow brakingAs little unnecessary braking as possibleDo not exceed the maximum permitted speedUsing cruise control correctlyRoll out as much as possibleDo not idle unnecessarily


How do I communicate with the coach?

Once logged in, you have instant access to all features, including the chat functionality with the coach.

Through the In-app chat, you will receive messages from the coaches, but can also contact them yourself with questions and comments.

We encourage using the In-app chat and have also made an integration with WhatsApp so you can get in touch with the coach this way.


I haven't received any scores yet, what now?

Scores are calculated weekly and added in the app.

You can normally expect the scores on Monday or Tuesday.

You can normally expect the scores on Monday afternoon. Occasionally, there is something wrong with the data and we have to fix it.

Still no data? Send us a message if we haven't informed you yet. We will fix it as soon as possible.


Why don't you call?

The NEXTdriver platform was created to make coaching drivers as scalable and easy as possible.

As a driver, you are mainly on the road, which is why we don't want to bother or disturb you during your day's work with a phone call.


How to add and remove drivers

Managers have the ability to remove and add drivers in the management portal.

Go to the overview page and click on the 'drivers' tabAt the top right are 'add driver', 'import drivers from CSV' and 'remove driver' buttons


Passsword recovery for a driver

Managers can reset passwords of drivers themselves in the Management Portal.

Go to the overview page and click on the 'drivers' tabOn the right-hand side of the screen you will see a lock icon. By clicking on it, it is possible to reset this driver's passwordYou will see a warning confirming the reset of the password including the associated email address


Which data are used?

The personal data we use are:

First and last nameTelephone numberE-mail addressDriver ID from the on-board computerDriving behaviour data and results

We use this data to perform the service and to be able to WhatsApp, call or e-mail you about it. A processing agreement has been agreed with your employer, in which privacy is guaranteed.

Where is my personal data used for?

Contact details are used to call or e-mail you if necessary to perform our services and to inform you of any changes.

This data is not shared with others and therefore not used for other purposes.

Which data does my employer see?

NEXTdriver coaches you in your driving. Driver-friendliness is very important to us and that includes ensuring maximum privacy for our users. Your employer will therefore see some data and not others.


The data from your on-board computer if the company does the coaching itself.


Conversations between you and the coaches.Feedback on your scores, medals and rank in the app.

Note: The app is meant to be used. To avoid dangerous situations, we do share with your employer the names of drivers who (consistently) score poorly and do nothing with the app and feedback.


Which data does NEXTdriver see?

NEXTdriver receives the data from the onboard computer supplier and measures whether a driver logs in.

The app is only used to make the scores transparent to the driver and thereby help the driver improve.

NEXTdriver cannot see where the app has been used, so it does not track location data.

Where is my personal driving data stored?

The data is securely stored on the servers of Microsoft Azure Cloud, located within Europe.

If I have the mobile application on my private phone, is the driving behaviour of my own car also tracked?

No, we only use on-board computer data. The app does not use your location data. NEXTdriver works with the information coming from the truck, via the so-called FMS, in combination with your driver's badge.

So we know exactly which trips you have driven, regardless of the type of vehicle.

Can NEXTdriver see my location in my private time via the app?

No. The app never sees where you are. The app does nothing but shows your driving scores and related information.

It does not use any data from your phone. So that means there is no insight into the phone's location data or your contacts, for example.

Does the app have access to my phone?

No. The app does not have access to your data on your phone. This can also be checked via settings and then app permissions.

How long will my data be stored?

Your personal data will be kept as long as driver coaching is done by/with NEXTdriver and you are employed by this employer.

If you come to work somewhere else, for example, your data will be removed from the system.

Reward module

How does the reward module work?

This is an optional addition to the NEXTdriver service, ask your fleet manager or coach if your company has the reward module.

Drivers receive reward points in the mobile application for medals achieved.

These loyalty points can be redeemed for rewards set by the fleet manager.

At the end of a quarter, the points are reset to 0 so drivers can go for new rewards and medals again.

The manager has an overview of all rewards to be handed out so that drivers actually receive the rewards.

Who determines the difficulty levels of the prizes?

The manager determines the difficulty levels of the prizes. There are 5 different levels of difficulty:

Very easyEasyChallenging (for the best 27% drivers)Difficult (for the best 13% drivers)Very difficult (for the best 3% drivers)

What is the maximum number of credits to be earned?

The maximum number of credits to be earned depends on how many medals the driver achieves in a quarter.

This may vary by truck and on-board computer type.

I do not log in to the NEXTdriver app, do I not participate?

Indeed, by logging into the NEXTdriver application, you will receive points and medals for your delivered driving.

If you do not log in, you cannot participate in the rewards module.

There are errors in the scores which affect my credits, what now?

Contact your coach via the in-app chat function.
The coach will check and find out what exactly is going on, after all, you as a driver receive support based upon this data.

I did not receive a reward, what now?

Contact your manager when you return to the office.

The fleet manager has an overview of all rewards to be handed out. 

How does the manager check which drivers have received rewards?

The fleet manager has an overview of all rewards to be handed out and can select whether they have been spent or whether to wait.

It is also possible for the fleet manager to withdraw rewards if a driver abuses a situation or damage has been caused, for example.