The coaching solution for companies without their own coaches

NEXTdriver Coaching

Carefree support for your drivers through driving behaviour coaching from NEXTdriver and its partners.

Save up to 10% on fuel consumption and up to 47% on claims by providing professional driver behaviour support to your drivers.

NEXTdriver Application with the scores screen

How it works

Personal Coaching

Drivers chat with coach via in-app chat feature.

Drivers feel heard by chatting with the coach about anything that affects driving behaviour. These can include personal problems.

Informative insights

Insight is a first step towards behavioural change. Drivers receive an explanation of the driving behaviour scores and can gain even more insight with statistics.
All driving behaviour scores from the on-board computer are visible. Where possible, we break this down into scores for long and short journeys.

Experienced coaches

NEXTdriver collaborates with coachingspartners who have years of experience in the business.
Together with our partners, we support drivers to drive more sustainably and safely based on data.

Sometimes it is useful to give a driver more attention and one-on-one coaching in the vehicle or with a group during a specific (Code95) training or Toolbox meeting. Our partners are certified trainers and can assist you with this.

NEXTdriver Application with the scores screen

Easy to use

No fiddling with detailed instructions. Just install the mobile application and drivers can drive for miles.

On their first usage, a driver can follow a short built-in instruction.

Competition elements

Drivers take on the challenge of collecting as many badges as possible. Drivers can compare among themselves and receive visual feedback on performance.

Reward performance

Achieved badges are equivalent to reward points that drivers can use to select rewards for driving behaviour delivered. Create additional support for consistent sustainable and safe driving behaviour using the rewards module.

Why NEXTdriver

NEXTdriver Coaching

Effective coaching by NEXTdriver for transport companies
starting from € 18 per driver per month*
  • 20 drivers and more
  • Driver App
  • Management Portal
  • Coaching Portal
  • Monthly reporting
  • Log-in statistics
  • NEXTdriver Coaching**
Sustainable driving
NEXTdriver motivates drivers to drive economically and optimise driving behaviour. Drivers with NEXTdriver support achieve savings of up to 10% on fuel consumption and emissions.

Safer driving

Safe driving results in fewer accidents, fines, maintenance and negative publicity.

We are currently achieving up to 47% reduction in claims.

Satisfied employees

We link feedback from your drivers and reward good behaviour through rewards.

Drivers grow professionally, while management receives detailed reports on fleet savings and performance.

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Start in 2 weeks

NEXTdriver has links with a large number of FMS vendors, making it possible to start consistent driver coaching within 2 weeks.

NEXTdriver management portal example
Quick insight into your fleet performance

Management Portal

Our Management Portal makes it easy to gain insight into the performance of the entire fleet. Your coach does the work and, as a manager, you want to see whether the presentations are at the right level or show a deviation in the trend.

In one overview screen, it is possible to see fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, staff engagement and driving performance. This gives management an instant picture of the effectiveness of driver coaching.

You can also add new drivers or remove drivers yourself.

Save at least 4% on fuel consumption

Savings Calculator

Calculate your own savings using our calculator.

Select the number of trucks, choose the diesel price and see your monthly savings in euros and CO2 through personal and consistent coaching.

Implement personalised coaching
for your drivers

Driver coaching by experts so you can move forward.
We are ready to make safe and sustainable driving achievable for every transport company.